WestPoint Home Fights Bed Bug Social Stigma

Friends and family don’t want to hug you, don’t want you visiting and you are cast aside like a leper. Meeting people in offices for meetings is avoided and everyone has their guard up. Invitations are rescinded and friends begin to keep their distance. People cover themselves with clothing to hide the bites and scars on their bodies. Bed bugs snuggle into the seats at movie theatres, public transportation, taxis, airplanes, trains, doctor’s offices, hospital waiting rooms and they crept around a Victoria Secret store on Lexington Avenue in New York City and at the offices of Elle magazine in New York, to name a few. Each day, behaviors and lifestyles are changing. “It’s like terrorism”…said one woman as she ran into the recently sprayed AMC Theatre in New York and said “just cross your fingers and keep going”. People who are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) are going out of their minds as they believe they are being eaten alive as they sleep.
Employees knowingly carry bed bugs to and from work making work environment a breeding ground. Once bed bugs have invaded your workplace they cause panic, absenteeism and create a tremendous negative impact on the bottom line results. Companies and businesses must create protocols and plans that educate and fine-tune operational strategies for workplace situations.
Employers need to develop safe workplace practices including incident tracking and protocols, travel instructions and best practices. Employers need to be proactive rather than reactive in order to get ahead of the problem. Special attention and the questioning of what insecticides are actually being used in the workplace is a critical requirement.  In fact, a “2015 Bugs Without Borders Survey by NPMA found that 45% of pest control professionals have encountered bed bugs in office buildings”.
Fumigations, poisons, spraying of pesticides against bed bugs or kissing bugs do not work. The only thing these promote in the sprayed areas and the air you breathe is the poisoning of those that come in contact with the chemicals – animals, pets, the environment and humans – all of which carry those poisons and health risks.
The first thing we need to do is to come out of the shadows of denial and to empower ourselves through education and to make practical lifestyle adjustments to prevent and protect your family, pets and fellow employees. Understanding the nature of a bed bug, how it hitchhikes and travels and where it hides, colonizes and stages itself so that it can gradually connect with its victim.
When you see a bed bug it is already too late. If you haven’t developed a plan you are in a reactive mode – a great disadvantage to you. What I believe is the solution is to create a multilayer perimeter protective barrier system designed to deal with the total bed bug picture. Bed bugs have attacked the very fabric of our lives. I am aware of a product that is now being launched that does exactly that. One of America’s largest textile companies, WestPoint Home (celebrating 200 years of business), Powered by KiltronX Green Technology, is distributing and launching a newly filed patent pending treated fabric solution that deals with the perimeter protection in advance or in response to an infestation. The ingredients and formula that go into the treatment of this fabric are soy based and work 365-24-7. I hope to share more of this information in the coming weeks and hope this helps.


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