The Worst Attack by Bed Bugs is NOT an Isolated Incident

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA (WESH) – 6/27/2015 – A state inspector confirmed to WESH the presence of bed bugs in one of the rooms at the Oak Plantation Resort in Kissimmee.

The resort told WESH-TV it’s an isolate incident that’s being dealt with.

The photos shared to WESH by the Streble family during a recent stay at the resort reportedly show the bed bug bites.

“When we finally got back home we counted 206 bites on my oldest daughter and 125 bites on my middle daughter,” said Christina Streble.

The Strebles say, at first, they thought their daughters had simple suffered mosquito bites.

But as the number of bites grew, they took the mattress off and discovered dozens of bed bugs.

“We captured a couple of them, put them in a baggy at one o’clock in the morning.  We went to front desk, put the baggy on the counter and told them we had bed bugs,” said Streble.

The family checked out of the hotel and filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

According to the report, a state inspector found “live bed bugs present” in the room where the Strebles had stayed.

The report also noted the hotel had already hired a pest control company which began treatment this week.

“We are 242 unit property.  Last weekend we were at 96 percent occupancy and this is the only complaint that came out of this resort,” said Oak Plantation Resort spokeswoman Grace Velez.  “So we are a great family-friendly resort with a great staff, close to Disney so please don’t let this scare you off,” added Velez.

The Streble family has not asked for any compensation, according to the resort.  But the resort does plan to reach out to the family and offer either a refund or a free week.

Story by Amanda Ober/WESH via CNN

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