Be Careful Where You Buy Your Mattress – Store Delivered Bed Bug Infested Mattress

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – 7/21/2015 – By Chris Thomas

A Henrico woman says she bought a mattress at Easy Home. It is a rent-to-own store on East Belt Boulevard. The customer claims she thought she was getting a brand new mattress.


“And I got an infested, pee-stained mattress for my children,” said the customer, who did not want to be identified. “I feel itchy. I think it’s psychological, but I just don’t feel comfortable.”

She immediately called NBC 12 On Your Side.

“I felt it was right for me to do this, because no one should be put in that situation,” said the customer. “You don’t do people like that.”

The mattress cost about $400. The store owner allowed us to inspect the mattress in question.

“It proves that my mattresses were fine,” said franchise owner John Heintschel. “We’ve been open three and half years. We have had no issues with bed bugs. We have had no issues with cockroaches. We have not done  any of that inside a customer’s home.”

The customer shared an alleged text message exchange with the store manager.

“You guys OK?” reads the message. “If you need me to, I’ll come tomorrow and lay down some steri-fab in the room it was in.”

What’s steri-fab? A quick Google search shows it is used to kill bed bugs.

“You’re saying you can’t confirm or deny if it was bedbugs?” we asked the franchise owner.

“No sir,” replied Heintschel “I cannot.”

The owner has given the customer a refund.

“I tried to rectify it,” said Heintschel. “I got it rectified, and I see you guys.”

The customer has a different takeaway.

“Make sure that you check your mattresses when you get them,” said the customer.

Copyright 2015 WWBT NBC12. All rights reserved

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