Once you have Bed Bugs you almost never get rid of them. Sprays are dangerous poisons and we are now told not effective. How bad can it get? This article discusses that Bed Bugs had gotten so bad they were shoveling them into their toilets. Denial and blaming the tenant is not a constructive solution.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 – Middletown, NY – A Middletown woman, who moved out of her apartment months ago because of an infestation of bedbugs in her apartment building, is begging for action to rid the four-apartment structure at 47 John Street of the bugs.

Her son and his family still live there.

The woman, who would only identify herself as “Amanda,” said the bedbug problem has gotten worse.

“Now one of the apartments is so badly infested that they are scooping up hundreds of these bedbugs and flushing them down the toilet. People are being bit up,” she said. “My son and his girlfriend live in the basement apartment and they have small children. One of the children is 2 ½ and she has bites on her face. Something has to get dome because this is a major issue.”

The property manager, Richard Heffernan, told MidHudsonNews.com he only receive the complaint on Tuesday. Before he can call in a licensed exterminator, he needs permission from all tenants, who must remove all of their clothing and put them in a dryer before any eradication can be performed.

“I haven’t talked to all of them yet,” he said

Heffernan said when he can have the work performed is up to when he can get the tenants to cooperate. “These are not notoriously clean people; they are notoriously dirty people. So, I have my work cut out with me.”

Mayor Joseph DeStefano said city officials also received a complaint about the bedbugs on Tuesday and will do what it can to rid the apartments of the problem.

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