Music and Song Deliver Bed Bug Message: Don’t Bring Them Home™

The Board of Directors of KiltronX Enviro Systems LLC, including Board Member Mr. Tony Bongiovi, creator of Power Station recording studio, the most heralded and famous recording studio of all time and creator of Jon Bon Jovi and thousands of other contributions and hits by Mr. Bongiovi, believe that music has always been used to deliver socially responsible messages. KiltronX has created a bedbug song to deliver a message and to bringing awareness to the bedbug pandemic. This song was written and performed to reach the ages of 8 through 60.

Bedbug Song

Please share this with your friends and family and rate this song with 5 stars being the best and send us your comments.

KiltronX will be working all across America with public school systems, health departments, state and federal governments, colleges and universities along with RADD (the entertainment industry’s voice) and other artists in educating the public with respect to controlling this most dangerous and devastating bedbug (& deadly kissing bug) pandemic.

For more information go to and You will now find KiltronX products on,,,, and and look for KiltronX products soon to be distributed in big box stores all across America.

KiltronX products are distributed exclusively by WestPoint Home and Blockhouse Barrier Systems.


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