Bug Infestation Leaves Family Homeless – Salvation Army Needs Supplies

KRGVTV | Harlingen, TX | October 15, 2015
A bedbug problem turned into an eviction notice for one Harlingen woman. A single mother of five started removing all the furniture from her home and then asked her landlord to call an exterminator.Amy Flores and her family received an eviction notice from their landlord. She had nowhere to go or money in her bank account, so she turned to charity organizations for help.

Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, housing authority, they all said I had a six-month waiting,” Flores said.

The Salvation Army in Harlingen said they aren’t seeing many donations. Their donation bins are bare.

Major Guy Watt said that the Salvation Army is going through a particularly rough time of year for families. Summer seasonal work has come to an end and many longer have a paycheck coming in.

“We need beds and mattresses and blankets,” Watt said.

The Salvation Army said they are grateful for any donations that are coming in, but they are in short supply of household furniture and bedding.

The organization is also short on temporary housing funds.

Flores and her family were placed on the emergency funding list by the Salvation Army. There are still seven other families that need assistance.

Donating to the Salvation Army is easy. People can visit their local store locations or call them to pick up any donations. Special donations for the housing assistance fund are also accepted.

People who require assistance from the Salvation Army need to gather a current photo ID, birth certificates of their children, proof of income, and proof of welfare, if applicable. Anyone with questions about the Salvation Army should call 956-425-5553.

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