WestPoint Home “Live Free” BedBug Barrier Systems – How and Why it Works

  • Effectively kills bedbugs.
  • Prevents new bedbugs from colonizing.
  • Coverage is complete and discreet.
  • Organic and safe for human use.
  • Scalable to work on one room or an entire property.
How It Works
The nature of bedbugs requires them to feed on blood to reproduce.  In order to thrive, they must nest close to their host and feed often.  Beds are a perfect nesting spot, but bedbugs will also nest throughout your entire room.
The Live Free Bedbug Barrier System is the first complete bedbug solution.  It consists of an organic compound, called Kiltrex Powder, that actively kills bed bugs.  This Kiltrex Powder is built into various fabric products that can be installed throughout a room.  By placing these fabric products in all potential bed bug nesting sites a “barrier” is created.  Through the bedbug’s natural daily movement in search of a host they will cross this barrier.  The bedbug does not have to ingest the compound.  It only needs to come in contact with it to activate the process.  When they cross the Live Free Barrier they are exposed to the Kiltrex Powder.  Upon exposure to this compound, the bedbug activates a mechanical process that disrupts the bedbug’s outer protective layer.  Once the layer is compromised the bedbug is unable to retain body fluid and as a result it gradually weakens and dies.
Kiltrex Powder was derived from pest control technology used in the organic farming industry.  It is safe for human use and its active components such as soybean oil are used as an FDA approved protein source.  Building the Kiltrex Powder into various fabric products such as mattress covers, boxspring wraps and fabric rolls creates a set of tools that will successfully conquer even the largest bedbug infestations and prevent recurrence.

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