Bedbugs Turning Up in Library Books

November  11, 2015

By: Kelli Steele | Delaware

Library books in Delaware seem to be the newest place for bedbugs to make their home.Library books in Delaware seem to be the newest place for bedbugs to make their home.

 The Wilmington News Journal reports that librarians at downtown Wilmington’s main branch started noticing bedbugs in books several months ago; the bugs went away after Erlich Pest Control did a chemical treatment of the circulation counter. But now, the bugs are back.

Larry Manuel is the director of the City’s library system; he says it has just been a few bugs here and there, not hundreds. Manuel says when a bedbug is found in a book, the book is disposed of.

Bedbugs have also shown up in low numbers in libraries in Elsmere and Bear. And in Selbyville, a chair was thrown out last month after bedbugs were found to be inside.

Delaware Division of Libraries Director Annie Norman says next month, it will conduct training on how to deal with bedbugs with staff in libraries across the State.

One thought on “Bedbugs Turning Up in Library Books

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