CDC Warns of Deadly Kissing Bug aka ‘Love Bug’ (both cousins to the Bed Bug) and ALL transmit deadly Chagas disease


November 25, 2015 | North Carolina

A health alert from the CDC the agency warns about a dangerous insect with a deceiving nickname.  The deadly kissing bug has been spotted in North Carolina and surrounding states.  According to Buncombe County Health and Human Services the Kissing Bug, also known as the Love Bug (both cousins to the Bed Bug) carries a parasite that causes the deadly Chagas disease.  They often live in cracks and holes both indoors and out.  The Kissing Bug, like the Bed Bug, is attracted to heat and CO2 (carbon dioxide) – that is why they bite around your face.  If you see a kissing bug in your home experts say you shouldn’t touch or squash it.  The CDC says you should put it into a container or bag and fill it with rubbing alcohol.  Then take it to the local extension service office to be identified.

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