Bed Bugs Chase Students Away. Is the Solution Leather Covered Mattresses?


Mattresses Pillows Blankets bask in daylight to kill the bed bugs

January 8, 2016 | by Ivy Setordjie |Joy News

GHANA — Teaching and learning activities at some senior high schools in the Volta Region may soon grind to a halt as bed bugs invade students’ dormitories.

The blood-sucking insects have infested the beds of students, rendering them useless to sleep in.

The situation has driven the students out of their dormitories, who have resorted to using the school’s lawns and dining rooms in their quest to find a suitable place to lay their heads.

A student of Mawuli Senior High School said sleeping in the open has also exposed students to snake bites.

He said the situation is frustrating.

According to the Volta Regional Education Director, Alexander Buadi, fumigation exercises are carried out at the end of every term at the various schools in the region, but the bugs may have developed a resistance to chemicals.

[TRUTH:  bed bugs are resistant to pesticides.]

[FALSE:  leather covered mattresses are solution.]

Mr. Buadi suggested that using leather covered mattresses may serve as a lasting solution to the problem.

In December over 1,700 students of the Ada Senior High Technical School at Sege in Ada West have gone on Christmas holidays with several skin injuries from bedbugs’ stings.

The students of the school had had to battle with bedbugs that had been hiding in their beds and mattresses throughout the first term, and managers of the school told The Chronicle that the school could not fight the smelly stinging insects because their coffers were empty. The invasion of the bedbugs in the students’ heavily congested dormitories forced them to sleep on the floor.

Others spend the night under untreated and small mosquito nets on the verandahs, thereby exposing the students to malaria spreading mosquitoes.

Ada Senior high Technical is a mixed second-cycle institution and the female boarding students, like their male counterparts; sleep on the bare floor or on the verandah of the dormitories because of the bedbugs.

Several days of drying the beddings and mattresses in the sun, in a bid to ward off the blood-sucking tiny insects did not yield the needed results, thus some boarding students, at a point, had to opt for day schooling. Others sought for transfers. Some teachers, who sleep in the schools, are not excluded from the bedbugs’ attacks. Sharing their frustrations, Madam Dorcas Naana Wobeson, Assistant Head, Administration, explained that the situation was very alarming and one the school could not deal with. She explained that the cost of fumigating the entire school could not be borne by the school, which is handicapped financially.

The PTA’s priority for providing more sitting spaces for students disabled them from fumigating the school to kill bedbugs and other insects and animals that cannot cohabitate with humans.

The Ada West Education Directorate and Education Directorate and Education Ministry was called upon to help fight the invasion of the bedbugs in the school, before the students and teachers returned from the Christmas vacation.


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