Dayton, OHIO – takes 5th for City with MOST Bed Bugs

January 7, 2016 | Dayton Business Journal

Oh, bed bugs, why don’t you just leave the Miami Valley alone. The pesky critters have evidently returned, at least in a report on the most bed-bug infested cities.

Dayton ranks No. 5 on the list by Terminix, which was created by compiling inbound lead data from the more than 300 company branches across the country.

Dayton returned to the list after not appearing on last year’s list of the worst 15 U.S. cities.


October 2015…bed bugs disrupt school council meeting – bed bug sightings plague northeast Ohio – several schools

But Dayton is not the only Ohio cities contending with bed bugs, as the Buckeye State claimed five of the 15 spots.

This should be sweet news to area pest control workers, as well as house cleaners and mattress sellers.

The worst bed bug city is Detroit, followed by Philadelphia and Cleveland.


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