The Bumbles and KiltronX…Empowering our Children to Educate & Deal with Fear of Bed Bugs through Music, Song & Dance


Listen to hit Bedbug song by The Bumbles & The Honeybees Too below.

Florida born children’s performers The Bumbles & The Honeybees Too have teamed up with WestPoint Home and KiltronX, along with Bongiovi Productions, to deliver a socially responsible message removing the social stigma surrounding bedbugs.




Dr. Christy Cugini of Naples, Florida, a well-known endocrinologist, philanthropist and creator of The Bumbles and The Honey Bees Too, will be performing hit children’s bedbug song and “The Stomp” dance.

Now that bedbugs are known to transmit the deadly Chagas disease and carry 40 other pathogens, including MRSA, it is time for preparedness and action!

Click here for more information about The Bumbles & The Honeybees Too.



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