Bed bugs keeping people awake in Duluth, MN

February 23, 2016 | by Kati Anderson |

Many in the Duluth area are letting the bed bugs bite and the problem is growing.

On Tuesday, people got a chance to learn more about the pest.

Northland based Adam’s Pest Control says they had three to five bed bug calls in 2000, then in 2014, they had 1,700 bed bug calls.

While bed bugs are smaller than a penny, they are visible to the naked eye.

They are attracted to heat, which is why you can typically find them in and around your bed and under chairs and sofas.

However, heat is also used to combat the pest exterminators can crank up a room to 120 degrees minimum to kill them.

Bed bugs were seemingly not an issue until the 90’s, and ways to combat them have been scarce and evolving.

“We didn’t have real good pesticides to deal with bed bugs, we didn’t have really good information, a lot has changed. We’re a lot better at dealing with them now, but the population has exploded in those first few years,” said Todd Leyse, of Adams Pest Control.

Bed bugs do bite and they may leave a mark on your skin but people react differently to them.

Experts say they are most commonly found in apartment buildings or hotels, but can be anywhere.


“Bed bugs ARE heat and pesticide resistant and Bed Bugs ARE known to transmit the deadly Chagas disease and carry 40 other pathogens, including MRSA.”   A. Steiner

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