Parents and students say local Pennsylvania school has a bed bug infestation

Delaware County, Pa. (WTXF) Parents and students want answers. They say their Delaware County school has a bed bug infestation. Now they want to know what school officials plan on doing to get rid of the nasty insects.

Amy Parker is one of a number of parents extremely concerned about what they say is a bed bug problem at Academy Park High School in Sharon Hill. The tiny insects have been found throughout the school, including on a toilet in the girls bathroom, on a bench, and on papers handed to a teacher by a student, according to parents.

The high school sent a letter home Monday saying there were no bed bugs, dead or alive, found at the school. However, then parents say administrators admitted at a meeting Tuesday night there were several confirmed cases. One mom says she has the pictures to prove it she says her daughter brought home 3 bed bugs that were on her clothes.

“The two dead ones that were on her clothing that came off and this little live one that was on her clothing,’ she told FOX 29. “She just panicked and was scratching a lot..She’s freaked out. She’s taking a lot of showers.”

Several parents posted pictures on Facebook of their children’s bed bug bites. The principal or the Southeast Delco school district superintendent would talk to FOX 29, simply referring us to the district website.
It states classroom and hallways have been inspected and treated by a professional pest service.  The library and auditorium where they are concerns of bed bugs are  closed off until they can be checked out.
In the meantime, this mother is taking all kinds of precautions with her daughter who is in 10th grade at Academy Park.

“Undress in a trash bag, trash bag goes in the dryer. her books, her sneakers, her book bag, everything else stays outside in a tote,” said parent Tiffany Beyer.

Some parents are even keeping their children home. The district website says a  detection dog is being brought into Academy Park High School Thursday to identify any areas for treatment, which will continue until the situation is resolved. It is also encouraging parents to check students’ book bags and belongings and report any instances of bed bugs being found.


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