WHO Warns About “Kissing Bug” – Carrying A Very Dangerous Disease


Kissing Bug: Chagas Disease

The Center for Disease, Control, and Prevention issued a warning with regards to the latest health scare – a bug called triatomine which is commonly known as the “kissing” bug. This small bug is very dangerous and could easily k!ll human, according to CDCP.


For sure everyone is familiar with this little harmless-like bug, but the thing is it actually transmits a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi, which is very harmful once entered to the human body. This dangerous parasite causes Chagas disease which is very d3adly and has affected over 9 million people around the world.

Chagas Disease can cause heart problems and even worse. Chagas disease is very common in some parts of Latin America. Certain indications that you are infected with Chagas disease are; muscle pain, fever, difficulty in breathing, headaches and enlarged lymph glands and can resemble flue – this is very difficult to identify.

When symptoms started to grow, the person who is infected with the disease gets skin lesions or swelling eyelids.

The development of Chagas Disease has 2 phase, and the first one has fewer indications than the second, which usually misguides victim into believing they’ve got a flu.

10% of the victims can also experience digestive problems whereas 30% can experience cardiac issues once the second phase is starting to develop.

And everyone is warned that there’s no available immunization for this certain disease; however this is treatable. If detected early, there are 100% effectiveness in the treatment process.

The World Health Organization is urging everyone to spray your house with some effective insecticide and maintain cleanliness in the surrounding of your house.

Already affected areas are England and the New York States.

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