Sending Kids 2 University or College to die? |Bedbugs transmit Deadly Chagas |WOIO: Ohio universities worst?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Ohioans beware, because a new study has found several cities rank among the top in the nation for reports of bed bugs.

The study, from Terminix, which provides pest control services, looked at the number of bed bug service requests received at universities across the country. They found that the Cleveland-Akron area is number three in the country for reporting bed bugs, just below Detroit and Philadelphia.

Four other Ohio cities made the list, higher than any other state. Dayton clocked in at number five, Columbus at number seven, Cincinnati at number eight and Toledo at number 12.

“College campuses are very interconnected, making a single infested futon a significant threat,” said Tom Jeffords, regional technical specialist at Terminix.

Terminix recommends college students buy a bed bug-proof mattress or mattress pad and double checking your room on move-in day to help prevent an infestation. They also suggested checking used textbooks  and clothing before bringing them into your new home.

The organization also recommends against used or discarded furniture, which can often have bed bugs, and says not to leave clothes on the floor or let your backpack come in contact with others to reduce the chance of bed bugs finding their way inside.

“By carefully following our tips, students can beat the bite and focus on their studying– or whatever,” said Jeffords.

Sending #Kids 2 #University or #College to #die? |#Bedbugs transmit #Deadly #Chagas |WOIO: #Ohio universities worst?

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