The U.S. Army says five people based out of Fort Bragg have been confirmed to have contracted the Zika virus while traveling overseas.

The infections were discovered during routine blood tests when they returned.

 Fort Bragg spokesman Tom McCollum said Tuesday that the five cases involved three service members and two retired military members who traveled outside the U.S. on “personal travel.”

McCollum said the five affected are all men. They were not quarantined.

“None of the five cases we have seen here on Fort Bragg were locally acquired,” McCollum said. “None of the cases have involved pregnant women.”

No family members have been infected and all five are currently asymptomatic according to Army officials.

“All indications are that none of these troops poses a threat to society, and they understand what they can and can’t do just to ensure protection of others, and they all are following it,” McCollum said.

McCollum said the five men affected had all traveled to areas where Zika is known to be present.

“We understand the public’s concerns and fears about Zika, and like the other Zika cases in NC, we are fully confident these patients do not pose a health threat to the local population,” McCollum said. “All patients have been instructed on what they need to do to ensure they do not transmit Zika to others. If they follow these procedures, medical sources say there is no threat to the population. “

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