Bed bugs transmit deadly diseases |Woman claims she was bitten by bed bugs at Silver Nugget Casino | KSNV

“I tucked my feet under the seat and I kind of leaned forward and I started to feel a sting.” It wasn’t the breakfast experience Barbi Senstrom expected.

On Sunday, she and her kids went to the “Home Town Kitchen” restaurant at the Silver Nugget Casino, when part way through the meal she felt it… Insect bites.

“The manager eventually came and she said, ‘Well, do you want free food or are you just going to leave your food?’ And I said, well no, I want you to know you’ve really got a problem here, there’s a serious issue in this booth,” said Senstrom.

Senstrom believes the bites were from bed bugs.

According to bed bugs feed solely on blood, and their bite can produce itchy red welts. They will attack any area of exposed skin.

Senstrom says after she was bitten she reached her cell phone under the booth and snapped a few pictures. She says the images are proof of infestation, from eggs to bug feces and the insects themselves.

Silver Nugget management would not go on camera, and would not allow us to take pictures inside, but a PR firm from Los Angeles did email News 3 a statement that reads in part: “We’ve closed the restaurant and the health department and an outside company has examined. While they did find a few unidentified bugs, they have not found an infestation.”

In the meantime, Senstrom says she’s not looking for a payout. Her primary concerns are that the bugs weren’t tracked back to her home and that the casino issues and appropriate response.

Silver Nugget Casino statement:

The health and safety of both our guests and employees is of the utmost importance to us, and we take this concern very seriously. We’ve closed the restaurant, and the health department and an outside company have examined the area thoroughly several times to identify the source. While they did find evidence of a few unidentified bugs, they have not found an infestation. Our entire premises are sprayed by a reputable pest control company on a weekly basis, and we have never had any reports like this before. We are continuing our investigation of this situation and are taking every measure to ensure the safety and health of our guests and employees.


Bed bugs transmit #deadly diseases |#Woman claims she was #bitten by bed bugs at #Silver #Nugget #Casino | #KSNV

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