Bedbugs infest 2 state office buildings in Trenton


TRENTON >> The state Department of Health (DOH) has its own health issues.

A Department of Health (DOH) employee told The Trentonian on Wednesday that the state office building at 50 E. State St. is completely overrun with bedbugs, sending state workers into full-on panic mode.

“I am disgusted and enraged that our building … is infested with bedbugs,” DOH employee Alexis D. Buford said in an email on Wednesday afternoon. “I work for the State of New Jersey Department of Health, and they have yet to evacuate us.”

On Tuesday, Buford said employees were informed that the sixth floor of the building was evacuated due to the blood-sucking parasites, and then a worker was bit on the fourth floor.

“I am located on the 3rd floor, and today, a colleague, who sits next to me, was bit in 2 places,” the employee wrote. “This is an outrage. I have exhausted my benefit leave time to leave on my own, but they need to evacuate the entire building; as it is clearly infested.”

Nicole Kirgan, a DOH spokeswoman, confirmed Wednesday night that bedbugs were found on the sixth floor of the leased facility on Monday.

9627010587_95dc9c9b90_z-300x300“The entire 6th floor, where Department of Health employees work, was inspected and treated,” Kirgan said in an email. “Bed bug monitors were installed and will be checked weekly for two months. The Department is committed to the protection of our employees.”

But that is not putting employees at ease.

Buford is scared of the bedbugs hitching a ride home with her because it can costs thousands of dollars to treat.

“I definitely do not have that kind of money in the event I carry them home,” the DOH employee said. “This is an outrage and our community has the right to know.”

Just in time for Halloween, the creepy crawlers have also made their way across the city to the Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex at 25 W. Market St.

Two bedbugs were found in the State Superior Court clerk’s office there on Wednesday.

“We’ve located two bedbugs at one work station and steps have already been taken to treat the problem and prevent any chance of an infestation,” state judiciary spokesman Peter McAleer said.

Clearly showing they are not afraid of heights, the bedbugs were found on the sixth floor.

An employee reached out to The Trentonian anonymously to report that the building was not evacuated and they are just going to vacuum daily to remedy the problem.

“All employees are uneasy and think they should close,” the employee wrote.

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