3 state buildings being monitored for bedbugs


TRENTON — Bedbugs made unwelcome appearances at three state buildings last week, but officials say the areas were being treated and monitored.

The pests were sighted in the Department of Health’s leased office space at 50 East State St., the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex.

Department of Health spokeswoman Nicole Kirgan said that the sixth floor was closed last Tuesday for inspection and treatment after the bugs were found. Monitors were put on the third, fourth and sixth floors where DOH employees work and will be checked weekly for two months, Kirgan said.

“The department is committed to the protection of our employees and is following state protocols for bedbugs, which is to inspect, set traps and conduct extermination,” she said. “We are closely monitoring the situation.”

Department of Labor spokesman John Raue said bedbugs were discovered in an isolated area of its eighth floor, which has been undergoing routine inspections and monitoring since earlier this year.

“The department is working with our employees, the union, a pest control agency and a treatment plan is being utilized to address this issue,” he said.

In the justice complex, two bugs were found last Tuesday in a single workstation on the sixth floor, spokesman Pete McAleer said. The floor, used by the state Superior Court clerk’s office, was treated and traps were set. Daily checks have turned up nothing, but the floor will continue to be monitored over the next several weeks, McAleer said.

The bloodsucking bugs are not known to transmit any diseases, but their bites can cause infections and allergic reactions.

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