EPA, don’t cave under Monsanto’s pressure


With increasing public scrutiny on the potential health harms of glyphosate, Monsanto is pulling out all the stops to exonerate its flagship herbicide — including attacking the credibility of scientists reviewing glyphosate for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Speak up! Sign the petition and join us in urging the agency to stand up to Monsanto — and follow independent science. (Click Here)

In a letter to EPA, Monsanto claims that scientists participating in the agency’s Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) on glyphosate are biased because they have publicly expressed concerns about the legitimacy of industry-funded studies — or have previously raised concerns about the chemical’s connection to cancer.

In short, Monsanto is attempting to silence those who don’t toe its line. And EPA responded to these bully tactics by postponing the SAP meeting.

Tell EPA to keep its glyphosate review on track and take a close look at independent, peer-reviewed science — even if Monsanto doesn’t like it.

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