Bed bug found at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12

A crew will spray Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 with insecticide tonight after a bed bug was discovered in the school Wednesday, officials said.

Principal Melissa Pearlman said in a letter to parents that the source of the insect has not been determined, but it’s unlikely bed bugs infest the school.

“[T]he district will clean the area impacted with a liquid botanical oil insecticide called EcoVia this evening,” the letter said. “The district will continue to provide thorough inspections of the school.”

The letter says bed bugs are not know for spreading disease, but their bites may become swollen and itch like a mosquito bite. Clusters of bites are usually in a line on an exposed part of the body.

Anyone with questions can call the school at 412-529-6101. For questions about beg bugs, call the Allegheny County Health Department at 412-687-2243.

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