Mother says her son’s eighth birthday was ruined when the family came home from a stay at Legoland covered in painful ‘bed bug’ bites


  • Sarah Webster treated her son to the trip after he lost both his grandmothers
  • The estate agent was horrified when her son William left covered in red bites
  • Family friend Joanne Bradley also broke out in huge itchy bites on her neck 
  • Legoland carried out an investigation and found there to be no bed bugs  


A mother says her son’s eighth birthday was ruined when he came home from a stay at Legoland covered in painful ‘bed bug’ bites.

William Webster was treated to a break at the Legoland Resort Hotel by his mum Sarah, 40.

But after just one night William was covered in red, itchy bites.

Mrs Webster, who didn’t get any bites, claims doctors told confirmed they were bed bug bites – but Legoland says no evidence of an infestation was found by pest controllers.3C03F61700000578-4105548-image-a-26_1484054923290.jpg

Estate agent Mrs Webster, from Croydon, south London, splashed out a £170 on the trip in November as a birthday treat after a sad year of family deaths – William lost both his grandmothers in 2016.

She said: ‘I just wanted to create some special memories for my boy because he’s had so many bad memories over the past few years.

They stayed at the resort on Friday November 4 along with close friend Joanne Bradley and her two children James, 6, and Emily, one.

But by the Saturday afternoon both Mrs Bradley and William couldn’t stop itching.

Mrs Bradley, a part-time local government officer from Croydon, said: ‘I started to get really, really itchy and bites began to appear.
‘They felt extremely itchy – much more than mosquito bites.’

William was also itching around his neck.

The families met a group of guests who had been staying in a nearby room who claimed they had also found bed bugs in their beds.

After getting home Mrs Bradley was kept up the following night itching the bites on her neck, shoulder and hand.

She said: ‘I emailed the hotel at 11 pm that night and then 4 am as I couldn’t sleep. I was crying the next day as I couldn’t even change my daughter’s nappy.’

Both parties visited their doctors who said they believed they were bed bug bites.

They were in lines of three on Mrs Bradley’s hand, shoulder and neck – the pattern of bites bed bugs leave.

William could not stop itching – which set off his eczema and he had to be put on antibiotic cream for weeks.

When contacted by the families, Legoland said they had searched the room and found no sign of bed bugs.


But Mrs Webster is adamant that her son was bitten at Legoland.

She said: ‘I know that he was bitten in their property. It’s frustrating and horrible.

‘All I wanted was an apology.

‘My boy lost both his nannies this year and I just wanted him to have a special birthday.’

A Legoland spokesperson said: ‘There were no bed bugs in Mrs Bradley’s room.

‘Following her complaint we immediately commissioned a pest control company to do a full inspection of the room she stayed in.

‘There was no trace of bed bugs found anywhere in her room and we shared the report from the pest control company with Mrs Bradley to show her the findings.

‘The room Mrs Bradley stayed in has since been used by other guests and we have had no further complaints.’


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