Alabama fire station closed because of bed bug infestation

An Alabama city closed one of its fire stations because of a bed bug infestation that’s expected to take a month to exterminate.

bed bugs.jpg

Florence officials announced  today that Fire Station No. 2 will be shut down for about four weeks because of the bugs.

The fire station is on Florence Boulevard.

The department still will be able to provide timely fire coverage in the eastern part of Florence, said city spokesman Phil Stevenson. He said the fire chief has developed a plan for housing the firefighters in other locations so they still have access to equipment.

“We think we know how it happened,” Stevenson said, though he didn’t provide additional details. “The fire chief has instituted preventative measures at other stations to make sure we don’t get them there, too.”

City officials hope the cost of the incident won’t go over $8,000, Stevenson said.

“We’ve got to replace all the mattresses,” Stevenson said. “But, we had that budgeted to do anyway.”

Costs of the pest control services, however, had not been budgeted, and Stevenson said officials expect to spend $900 on each of four treatments that are needed.

Additional details were not available.

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