Health agency monitoring 30 babies born to Zika mothers


The Connecticut Department of Public Health says it’s monitoring 30 babies born to mothers who tested positive for Zika.

The agency said Monday the babies were born in Connecticut or currently reside there. The mothers tested positive for Zika virus or Flavivirus during their pregnancies.

Connecticut health officials, in conjunction with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are monitoring all pregnancies where Zika or Flavivirus was diagnosed in the mother and conducting follow-up monitoring for signs of Zika-related birth defects.

Additionally, the agency is monitoring nine pregnant women with evidence of confirmed Zika virus or Flavivirus.

In August, Connecticut received nearly $1 million in federal funding to help combat Zika, including $400,000 for DPH’s birth defects registry to help detect serious brain and central nervous system problems.


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