Bed bug complaints spur response from WV Attorney General


A number of consumer complaints about bed bugs in rental housing units has lead to a response from West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.  The AG’s office sent a letter to county health department officials on Monday, Feb. 6, 2017.  The letter included specific complaints from tenants about bed bug infestations and being charged extermination fees.  The complete letter can be viewed below.

“Dealing with bed bugs is never a pleasant experience,” said Attorney General Morrisey. “However, it’s important to understand what is lawfully permitted in the landlord-tenant relationship so that everyone is treated fairly and justly.”

Attorney General Morrisey also urged tenants to know the law.  According to a release from the AG’s office, the landlord is responsible for maintaining habitable housing and cannot pass that responsibility onto the tenant under West Virginia law.  The state’s Consumer Credit and Protection Act, prevents landlords from requiring tenants to pay extermination fees without proof the tenant caused the infestation.

Questions can be answered by the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office by calling 800-368-8808 or going to the AG’s web site.

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