‘This was in both my ears’ a woman says about bed bugs at the Aurora Apartments

San Antonio- A woman who has been living at the Aurora apartments for four years says she’s one of the residents dealing with a massive bed bug problem there.

She says she has no idea who brought them to the apartments but has found them in her door seal, window seal, even her ears.

“This was in both my ears. It was horrible when I saw them after I cleaned my ears,” the woman said.

Now, her apartment looks like it’s been flipped upside down after word of the pesky problem reached the city.

Late last week treatment began right away.

A second woman says she’s even been picking at the problem.

“I would take them out. I filled a jar,” said the other woman.

Now, she worries since cleanup is underway, she may have little to come back to.

“Nobody knows what they are going to walk back in to,” she said.

By signing a bed bug addendum in accordance to the Texas Apartment Association if bed bugs are found in your apartment 48 hours after moving in you must pay for treatment.

If the bed bugs are discovered during the first 48 hours, property management pays.

During treatment, you must destroy or remove any personal belongings that cannot be treated like mattresses and furniture.

Not cooperating can result in lease termination.

So if property has to be thrown out, the best chance you have at getting it replaced is by finding the person who is the source of the problem and having them pay.

It’s a mystery trained exterminators say is hard to pin point.

The woman says all she wants is to be able to live in her apartment with peace of mind.

“That I’ll be able to stay in my apartment without fear of them coming back, that they will reappear because I don’t have anywhere else to go,” the woman said.

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