Shocking video reveals horrific bug infestation in top hotel

A HORRIFIED couple had their romantic weekend destroyed when they lifted up their mattress to find thousands of disgusting bugs crawling inside.

The duo had gone away for the man’s birthday when they discovered a shocking creepy crawly crime scene in the bed they were sharing.

Stomach-churning video – available above – shows the man enter his room on the fifth floor, lift up the mattress and film the bed bugs within.

He tells the camera: “Look at this. An infestation where my girlfriend slept last night.”

Thousands of huge bugs the size of a smaller finger can then be seen crawling inside and over the mattress.

“This is no joke. This is Manhattan. I can’t believe it. This is the third room we’ve been in after two without heaters.

“They’re everywhere on the bed.

“This place is going to have a health inspection and I hope no one ever stays here again.”

He then walks into the couple’s en suite bathroom where his girlfriends stands in a bra sporting horrific bites as a result of the bugs.

The man continues: “She has a rash all down her arms, her stomach, her lower stomach and places I shouldn’t even film.

“They’re all over her body from staying at Astor on the Park.”

The video – filmed at New York City’s Astor on the Park Hotel – has racked up over 2.6 million hits and viewers are disgusted at what they saw.

One Reddit user wrote: “I’ve never actually seen bed bugs. This is atrocious.”

Another commented: “God. I’ll never stay in another hotel again.”

And a third added: “Gross, gross, gross. Gross.”

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention say that the best way to protect yourself from bed bugs is to always inspect the sheets and mattress before settling into your hotel room.




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