Eating Fruits & Vegetables is Not Always Healthy: Pesticides Linked to ADHD, Cancer & Autism Spectrum Disorder


Eating plant-based food doesn’t always mean having a healthy diet since pesticides lurk in some of the common fruits and vegetables. While pesticides help farmers to gain better yield and high-quality produce, they are linked to several health hazards. Think of short-term risks like headaches and nausea but fear chronic implications like cancer too.

It might be cost-prohibitive to buy all-organic food but it seems that it is the only option. Especially for parents, buying pesticide-free fruits and vegetables should be prioritized because children are the most susceptible. According to Toxins Action Center, children aged under 12-years old are prone to damage in their central nervous system.

There is a joint study by University of Montreal and Harvard University suggesting that pesticide residue found on fruit and vegetables causes an eating heightened risk of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder among children. ADHD is a condition where children lack focus, impulsive and hyperactive. Pesticide also causes a staggering six-fold increase in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

For adults, many types of cancer are traced to pesticide ingestion. Most prevalent among cases are bone, brain, liver and prostate cancers. Reproductive health is also at risk, especially due to ovarian and testicular cancers.

The study also stressed that even pesticides that are currently sold are unsafe, albeit having legal clearances. Toxins Action Center accused that the government and manufacturers have many flaws in regulating the continued use of poisonous substances. Even if people know the risks of pesticide, totally removing them from the market has significant economic and social impact.

Meanwhile, the United States Environmental Protection Agency said that most pesticides have 70 active ingredients known to be carcinogenic. This was further supported by test results on animals. However adverse they are, these chemicals are still allowed for use.

The EPA also stressed that the consumers have the right to know about health hazards of pesticides. Companies that manufacture pesticides don’t really warn the public about risks. EPA proposes a universal notification and free access pesticide testing.

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