Pest experts not surprised by STL Zika warning

ST. LOUIS – The return of warm weather means millions of critters, including mosquitoes, are looking to invade your home and lawn.

While many of us have largely forgotten about the threat of Zika, with the start of the spring season, there’s one group that’s already been active on this issue: Local pest control experts.

5 On Your Side went on a ride-a-long with a crew from Rottler Lawn and Pest Solutions. Jay Everitt with Rottler said he’s already getting calls about mosquitoes.

“The warmer it gets the faster that life cycle happens, the faster those adult mosquitoes mature and it increases your chances of getting bit while in your yard, at the grill or enjoying your pool,” Everitt said.

Mosquitoes can breed in something as small as a bottle cap of water, Everitt said.

So if you have water on trash can lids, a pool covering, a fire pit or even your outdoor grill, the experts say you should get rid of it now.

“If your gutters are full of leaves this time of year, you’re going to have a lot of stagnant water, that’s what mosquitoes need to breed,” Everitt told 5 on Your Side. “So if you can reduce those breeding sites, that’s going to go a long way towards helping have a comfortable place to be outside.”

With this week’s new report from researchers at SLU about the elevated threat of the Zika virus in the St. Louis area, they’re urging people to brush up on some advice you likely heard last year.

Make sure you’re wearing long sleeves and using a repellant with DEET and clear out any standing water you have in your yard

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