Angry parents speak out about bed bugs in Lake Taylor High School


NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — Over the past two weeks, Lake Taylor High School has had five separate incidents of bed bug sightings.

Carrie Lonecke said she found a dead bed bug in her son’s backpack.

“It’s disgusting…upsetting,” said Lonecke. “It’s not good. It’s just not a good thing.”

Parents like Lonecke have repeatedly received calls from Lake Taylor High School that say several bed bug sightings have occurred over the past two weeks.

A representative from Norfolk Public Schools says the high school had five separate sightings of bed bugs – one bug for each incident.

However, mother Bonnie Wood says she thinks the bed bug issue is a bigger problem than the school lets on.

“An isolated incident would not be happening three or four times a week,” said Wood.

And Wood says the school should be reacting quicker in situations like these.

“They should have solved this whole thing a week ago, two weeks ago when it first started,” said Wood.

Wood said she and other parents have stopped their children from attending school due to the bed bugs.

“I took him out of school yesterday he will not go back tomorrow,” said Wood. “I don’t want him to have that chance of bringing them home.”

Norfolk Public Schools says a treatment plan is in place for the upcoming weekend, April 7 – April 9. A representative from the school district says they hope this will resolve the issue.

However, Wood says the damage has been done.

“It can be upwards of $3,000 – $4,000 if you have to exterminate your house and if you can’t afford that, then what are you supposed to do?


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