Backpacker: Bedbugs from hostel landed me in the hospital

By Lauren McMahPublished April 12, 2017

FOX NEWS – Travel:  A German backpacker says his dream holiday to Australia turned into a nightmare when he was hospitalized for several days after being attacked by bed bugs in a Sydney city hostel.
Patrick Rose, 24, is considering pursuing legal action against Sydney Backpackers Pty Ltd after he was allegedly ravaged by the vermin during his stay at the hostel on Wilmot Street in February, which led to a nasty infection that left him having to get around on crutches.
And having been refused a refund on his upfront payment to the hostel, the backpacker (who has very little money) said his condition also forced him to turn down much-needed paid work during his stay in Sydney.
But the hostel denies the claims and says it did offer Rose a refund, which the backpacker’s lawyer, Shine Lawyers’ Thomas Jansen, said his client “strongly denies.”
“Given his financial situation, which can best be described as living hand to mouth, I agree with him as the money would’ve come in handy for him,” Jansen told
Rose said it was his very first night at the hostel, on February 5, that he was attacked by bedbugs in his bunk bed in his shared dorm room.
“The next day I realized I had some bites but I didn’t know what it was,” he told “The second day I woke and found a bedbug on my pillow, and it was a big one, and I went to reception and told them and they just moved my room.
“I tried to get my money back but they told me they were not able to do this.”
He said he was moved to another room, where he found bedbugs in the bedding, bed frame and carpet.
But as his requests for a refund on his prepaid, nine-day stay were refused, and he couldn’t afford to seek alternative accommodation, Rose said he had no choice to put up with it — until the bites on his legs went from itchy spots to painful welts and blisters.
“In the beginning I had small bites on my arms and they were itchy, but on my legs, when it got infected, it was hurting. I couldn’t stand on my left foot anymore. I couldn’t really sleep — it was just pain.
“I asked if I could get my money back and I was told ‘no, no, no’.”
After visiting several doctors Rose says he was eventually told to go to hospital where he was treated for the infection.

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