Bedbugs and Clutter

Chicago is the title holder of many things- World Series Champion Cubs, The Windy City, and now the bedbug capital of the United States. Yup, Chicago has a bedbug problem. No one is safe from these critters.

I have heard of people getting them on the bus, train, at church, and from their neighbors. They also have been found in hotels and resale shop furniture.

So what should you do if you are exposed to these creepy little crawlers? When you get home put your clothes and purse in the dryer. The heat will kill them.

If  you find that you have an infestation in your home or condo, call an exterminator!! Its essential to start treating your home before they multiply and infest other areas of your home. They will give you tips on how to eliminate your problem and protect your home.

One most important things to do if you have bedbugs is to get rid of your clutter. Those little critters love to hide. Piles of paper, clothing, and boxes make great hiding places for them. If you have clutter, it will be harder to get rid of your bedbugs. Even after a professional comes in and sprays your place, there could be bugs or eggs hiding in your piles  that will come out and start another infestation.

All clothes on the floor should be washed and put through the dryer or treated with heat. All paper should be filed. Any paper with any signs of bugs or eggs on them should be disposed in a tied trash bag.

And most importantly, when you are going through treatment of an infestation, let people know before they enter your home.

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