Organic Raw Probiotic Cacao Fruit Chocolate

Help Enlightened Edibles create the worlds first Organic Raw Probiotic Cacao Fruit Chocolate!

About this project

Help us create this Organic Raw Probiotic Cacao Fruit Chocolate Bar (60g) and promote sustainable agriculture and ethical supply chains!

Who are we and what are we about?

Enlightened Edibles comprises founder Jennifer Michtavy, M.A. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and Co-Director, Nutritionist/Founder of Vigour and Vitality, Hayden Booker. Enlightened Edibles believes that ‘Food Is Medicine’.

What we have created

Enlightened Edibles has handcrafted the first ever Organic Raw Probiotic Cacao Fruit Chocolate. We are also New Zealand’s first Supplemented Chocolate Company.

Our Cacao Fruit Chocolate Bar is enriched with probiotics, stoneground, organic, raw, refined sugar-free, GMO free, and Vegan.


“The divine drink, which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food.” Montezuma (1480-1520) Aztec emperor

Why Raw Cacao?

The more processing and heating a substance goes through the less nutrient-rich it becomes. We want to produce the least processed and most nutritious cacao.

Raw cacao is the original energy food. It was used as currency, medicine and energy booster. Flash forward to today, cacao has been shown to be a superfood power house.

Cacao is full of antioxidants known as Flavanols. Flavonols are cell protectors and have been shown to aid in brain and cardiovascular health.

Cacao raises your serotonin levels and contains Anandamide, aka the bliss chemical. Raw cacao tastes great and makes you feel good!

The Bean to Bar Process

When a cacao pod is harvested the first thing you see is a whitish fruit pulp. The mainstream cacao process ferments this sweet, acidic fruit off.

The remaining beans are then roasted, husks removed (winnowed) resulting in cacao nibs used for creating chocolate. In this process the fruit pulp and husk are considered waste products of the industry.


A freshly opened cacao pod.

What we do differently

We stop once the cacao pod is opened.

We dry our cacao beans with the cacao fruit-pulp leaving the bean in its most authentic form, with the fruit-pulp and husk attached.

We then grind these cacao-fruit beans in Vigour and Vitality’s stone grinders and use this raw paste to create our handcrafted organic raw cacao-fruit chocolate.

The cacao-pulp and husk are no longer waste products, add more nutritional-density and creates a sweet, fruity, tangy chocolate.


Top Left: Cacao-Fruit Beans; Top Right: Cacao-Fruit Bean Nibs; Bottom Left: Stone grinding; Bottom Right: Finished chocolate being poured

Why do we use the Husk and Fruit?

1. Nutrient Dense The cacao fruit-pulp and husk are loaded with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

2. We want less waste! The cacao fruit pulp and husk are waste products of the cacao industry.

3. Authentic Chocolate Experience We want you to taste what it’s like to open a cacao pod and have chocolate in its most authentic form.

Our Cacao Farms

We source our special cacao-fruit beans from an organic certified co-operative in Sri Lanka comprising of 50 small farms. These co-operatives run on direct trading so farmers get the best possible price.

Our co-operative is in the process of transitioning around 200 farms from non-organic to organic. This not only allows farmers to get more for their crop but supports sustainable agricultural practices.

Our next goal is to travel to the Philippines, one of the final frontiers for cacao farming and support our own farms directly.


“Every day we live and every meal we eat we influence the great microbial organ inside us – for better or for worse.” ― Giulia Enders

Why Probiotic Chocolate?

Simple Answer: Why not!

More and more research is coming out showing a direct connection between gut health and our mental state. Happy gut, happy brain, happy body!

Our probiotic strain, Bacillus coagulans, is clinically researched and validated.

The Perfect Match: Raw Cacao and B. coagulans MTCC 5856
The Perfect Match: Raw Cacao and B. coagulans MTCC 5856


  • A dose of 2 × 10(9) cfu/day along with standard care of treatment has been shown to be effective for a certain type of IBS (Click Me)
  • It can be stored in the freezer, fridge or on the shelf
  • It can withstand temperatures at 90C for 2 minutes and can remain >50% viable when left at 77C for 4 hours

One serving of Enlightened Edible’s Raw Cacao Fruit Chocolate Bar is 1 × 10(9) cfu of this super Probiotic!!Kickstarter backers at the $25 tier or above receive an Organic Raw Probiotic Cacao-Fruit Chocolate Bar.


Why Back us?

Our Business Mission

Our business model revolves around creating positive, ethical supply chains and directly impacting local communities here in New Zealand. Join us on this adventure. Follow us as we venture to the Philippines to locate our own cacao farms and meet our growers as we do!

What we are creating, of course!

We are creating the world’s first Organic Raw Probiotic Cacao Fruit Chocolate Bar and it’s made here in New Zealand!!

Our Motto

It’s simple: Nourish the inside and outside environment.

What we have

Enlightened Edibles shares a factory with Vigour and Vitality, a raw stonegrindery of seed and nut butters/instant mylk. Enlightened Edibles has a product, a factory space, access to stone grinders, cacao connects and distribution.

What we need

We need your help to complete this mission!

We need a minimum of $27,000 to purchase:

  • Raw Materials
  • Storage
  • Moulds
  • Packaging
  • Machinery and Tools 

Help us gear up and out onto the shelves!

If funded we have an estimated finished product by September/October 2017.


We would like to extend a big Thank You to YOU and all our backers.

Enlightened Edibles has been a 3 year journey in the making and we are so glad to have you on it!

Risks and challenges

Jennifer has been working within the NZ organic food industry and with raw chocolate for 3+ years. Hayden has been running and growing Vigour and Vitality for 3 years. We are 100% devoted to this venture. This is our passion, life and mission!

Our skill combination and integration allots Enlightened Edibles with instant distribution, connections, suppliers, premises and use of some expensive stone-grinding machinery. We have everything lined up.

We have set launch period between September and October 2017. This is a realistic goal. We have over estimated to compensate for any issues that may result from importation or otherwise.

This journey is for everyone. We will update you through the whole process. If things get halted we will inform immediately. Rest assured this dream is going to happen…..with your help of course!! =)

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ



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