Zika case in Israel

Holon resident contracts Zika virus abroad. 20 Israelis have contracted the virus in other countries.


An Israeli citizen has been diagnosed with the Zika virus.

The Zika virus is transmitted via mosquitoes, and has been known to cause birth defects when a pregnant mother is infected,

The infected resident of Holon was exposed to the virus over a month ago. He is described as being in good condition.

On Sunday, the Holon Municipality carried out pest control operations to remove potentially dangerous mosquitoes as summer approaches, according to the directives of the Environmental Protection Ministry.

Approximately 20 Israeli citizens have contracted the Zika virus during trips abroad, all of whom have recovered. No Zika case originating in Israel has been reported.

The Health Ministry said that the Asian Tiger Mosquito, which is own to carry the virus, is common in Israel.

“We must try to locate places where the development of the mosquito occurs, such as in small, scattered bodies of water, including potted plants and vases, and to protect against mosquito bites to avoid transmission of the disease,” the ministry said


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