Exterminator says bed bugs becoming more common

By Leah Shields

BENTON, Ky – They’re small. They bite. They spread fast. Exterminator Lemuel Gourley, owner of Bluegrass Termites and Pest Control, said he has been getting calls daily about bed bugs.

Gourley said you will know right away if you have bed bugs, because they are easy to find. But they are hard to get rid of. Check under your mattress near where you lay your head and check in your favorite chair in your house, because that is where they like to hide. Gourley said they can go anywhere though, like in floorboards and window sills.

He also said to look at your body. If you have bites from your torso and up, you probably have bed bugs.

Bluegrass Termites and Pest Control uses a chemical treatment to get rid of those pests. “(We use) some really good aerosol sprays…and some liquid base treatments, with bed covers,” he said. “It’s a whole package that works.” There are other types of treatments that work as well, like heat treatments,

Gourley said bed bugs are persistent, so your house may have to be treated more than once. “We don’t require them to do another treatment, but it’s good to do two treatments, 30 days apart, so that you make sure that you get everything,” he said.

Bed bug treatments can cost anywhere from $250 to $1500 depending on how bad the infestation is.

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