BuzzFeed HQ Evacuated After Bedbug Infestation

Employees at the internet media company BuzzFeed were asked to go home after their Manhattan headquarters was found to have developed an infestation of bedbugs.

“We are acting out of an abundance of caution and asking you to work from home tomorrow to give facilities the chance to deal with this in the fastest and environmentally safest manner,” chief communications officer Carole Robinson wrote in an email to staff, Poynter reported.

In a post entitled ‘BuzzFeed Has A Bed Bugs Outbreak And We’re All Being Totally Mature About It,’ the company attempts to make light of the situation by posting a series of memes and photos of staff dealing with the situation.

I always thought the first rule of having bed bugs is you don’t talk about having bed bugs

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The BF newsroom after an email goes out telling everyone to stay home because we have bed bugs 😳

Photo published for Bedbugs infestation breaks out at BuzzFeed

Bedbugs infestation breaks out at BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed employees will be working from home thanks to a newly discovered infestation of bedbugs, according to an email to the staff this morning from Carole Robinson, chief communications officer …

“We have every expectation that it will be all clear to re-enter the office and resume normal course of business by Friday morning,” Robinson added.

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