Insect discovery prompts two Canton schools to quarantine computer devices

Journal Star

CANTON — The discovery of insects in computer devices issued to two students has prompted a quarantine of such devices by Canton High School and Ingersoll Middle School.

Canton High School issued computer devices to students two years ago to enhance instruction. Last week a student returned a device after finding an insect in it. The insect was found to be a Cimex lectularius, or common bedbug. The device was treated, and another device was issued to the student. This past week, another student’s parent reported that an insect had been found in a laptop computer, according to a news release Wednesday by Canton Union School District 66.

Canton High and Ingersoll Middle School are quarantining all devices to inspect them and ensure “that the devices are not affected by Cimex lectularius or larvae,” according to the release. “It is expected that devices will be returned to students early next week. Following this protocol will ensure that the technology is safe for all students, staff and their families.”

Anyone with questions can call the school superintendent’s office at 647-9411.

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