City treating for bed bugs found at Mahon Library

By: Ashley Brown

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” – a common saying that has new meaning for the staff at Mahon Public Library.

Library staff came across bed bugs last month and notified management, a pesky problem that the city took care of as fast as they could.

“On August 16th is when they first were told that there could be a pest problem around the computer lab area at the Mahon Library. The next day our facilities management folks on August 17th contacted our pest control contractor. They went out looked at it determined that it would be bed bugs so they wanted to do treatments,” said Ben Lawson with the City of Lubbock.

Treatments took place the night of inspection once the library was closed.

“From what I understand the treatment consists of a steam cleaning of the upholstery furniture in the computer area plus a chemical treatment,” Lawson said.

The  city does not know how the bed bugs got there, but the owner of Gafford Pest Control says bed bugs can be transferred from place to place in a number of ways.

“Insect that’s transmitted or moved around based on the host which are normally human beings. They are pretty easily transferred from one person to another or to clothing or to knapsack or anything you’re carrying. They can hop on those as tiny tiny matures and work their way up to adult hood,” Tim Gafford said.

Gafford says bed bugs have been a growing problem here on the South Plains for a while now.

“Bed bugs have become quite an issue here in West Texas in Lubbock. We’re out on bed bug work all day long every day,” Gafford said.

They can be transferred anywhere people are, from homes, to businesses, to five star hotels.

“We go into all kinds of facilities business wise and homes of all different kinds, multi-family or anything you can imagine. Where there’s people at we’ve found bed bugs through parts of this area. So it’s a really common pest problem today. It can be controlled,” Gafford said.

Gafford says the best way to prevent them is to check a facility thoroughly before staying there.

The Mahon Library says they have not had any complaints so far of people saying they got bed bugs from there.

The city has done two rounds of treatments at the library so far, which is what the pest control specialists recommended.

However, if you have any question about bed bugs or if they are in your home you should contact a certified pest control company to come out and take a look.


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