Judges courtroom closed after court deputy finds bed bugs

By Alexis Means

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Courtroom eight at the Lucas County Common Pleas Courthouse remains closed after a bed bug was found on a chair. The owner of Del Roy Products and Pest Control inspected the courtroom with a magnifying glass and flashlight.

“You basically would just go along and follow the cracks and seams. That’s exactly what we did. When we got to the second row of chairs and there it was a dead bed bug. Then we found some larvae which is small white little worm,” said the owner of Del Roy Products and Pest Control Cornelius Pryba.

They treated the room.

” We us the insecticide treatment at Del Roy that consists of three applications at 14 days a part,” said Pryba.

He used a product called Bedlam Plus to kill the bed bugs. They spayed the chairs, baseboards and the switch plate covers.

“Basically it’s a bed bud monitor trap,” said Pryba.

He called the trap an extra set of eyes.

“So when we go back and do our inspection. I proceed to set some around the bottom of the seats of the chairs which would tell me if they are coming down the stem. If they are in here they’re coming from the baseboards,” said Pryba.

Heat can also be used to kill the insects. No word on if the courtroom will reopen on Monday.

“There’s no reason to get rid of those chairs at the courthouse at this point based on our inspection and first treatment. In the event I would have found a contaminated chair with the evidence I show you here with that picture then I would have strongly encouraged them to skedaddle those chairs out of here,” said Pryba.

The county will have Del Roy Products and Pest Control treat the courtroom two more times.

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