Experts have concluded that bed bugs are not classified as a vector of disease.  This means that bed bugs are not known to carry diseases the same way mosquitoes or other biting insects can.  Although you are not likely to contract a physical illness, bed bug bite reactions vary widely from person to person.  Some cases involve individuals with a few painful itchy bites.  Other cases involve hospitalizations due to severe allergic reactions and permanent scarring of the skin.  The physical pain and suffering experienced by many bed bug bite victims seems to gather the most attention in considering effects of a bed bug infestation.  The psychological effects of bed bug attacks include mental and emotional anxiety and distress and can be just as painful.

Bed Bugs Will Infest Any Location with Humans to Feed On.

This means that bed bugs are just as likely to infest a cheap motel as much as they are likely to infest a 5 star luxury resort.  Often associated with unsanitary conditions, bed bug infestations carry a painful and embarrassing stigma.  When bed bugs attack, it occurs in the night when we are most vulnerable, while we sleep.  Sleep is a very important aspect of good health and should be enjoyed in a safe and comfortable location.  Bed bug attacks violate our personal space either at home or when we are away.  The pain and distress following a bed bug is very real and longer lasting than the physical bite marks.

Apart from being robbed of the comfort of your own bed and a good night’s sleep, it is humiliating to bear the physical marks of a bed bug attack.  The embarrassment of having to explain why your face, arms, hands legs or other parts of your body have red marks is extremely stressful.  Further, people who have suffered a bed bug attack, or have an infestation in their home are treated as if they are diseased.  We have represented many individuals who have been socially isolated by friends and coworkers when it is discovered that they had suffered bed bug bites.

The Psychological Effects of Bed Bug Attacks can be Profound

Our clients have described the psychological effects of bed bugs as living in a “constant state of fear and itching”.  Every night in bed, they feel the sheets move or will start scratching their legs thinking bed bugs are biting even though  there is nothing there.  This anxiety and “phantom itching” is a very common effect from experiencing a bed bug attack.  Any itch on the body can cause a flashback to the incredible pain and itching from the original bed bug bites.  The constant itching and pain combined with the social stigma over a long period of time can be devastating.

Bed bug bites and bed bug infestations can cause both physical and psychological discomfort resulting in sleeplessness, nervousness and anxiety.  The psychological effects of experiencing a bed bug attack are closely linked to Traumatic Stress Disorder.  In addition to the stress and pain from the bites, is the anxiety involved with the loss of possessions, the preparation of the home for proper bed bug pest control treatment.  Even further, the financial cost of professional bed bug treatment can be thousands of dollars.  Bed bug attacks will cause significant disruption in the lives of those they invade.  Every aspect of your life is affected and can remain disrupted for months or longer.

Thoughts of Bringing Bed Bugs Home from a Hotel

Think about your home and how many places bed bugs could hide and infest.  Next, think about what kind of effort it would take to empty all closets, dressers, storage areas, mattress and box springs, under the bed, couches and other areas to prepare for a bed bug pest treatment.  Then about then how long you would need to be out of your home.  Now think about having to put your home back together with the thought that there still may be bed bugs present.  Bed bugs are difficult to remove from a home once they have taken hold.  However, even after a pest control professional gives the all clear, people tend to continue to stress about bed bugs.  The stress continues while at home and especially while traveling.  The thought of a bed bug infestation emerging in the home is too much to bear.

The average life span of a bed bug is one year.  Adult and nymph bed bugs can survive for several months.  Bed bugs can reach adulthood in approximately 30 days.  During that time, they can produce hundreds of eggs.  A bed bug population can grow exponentially if they are not detected and given time to reproduce.  Knowing this is absolutely horrifying to bed bug bite victims afraid of infesting their homes.  This is the reason why so many people continue to have fear and anxiety following a bed bug bite incident.

Contact a Bed Bug Injury Attorney

Bed bugs can enter your home in many ways.  If you were exposed to bed bugs at a hotel and unknowingly brought them home with you, you could be entitled to compensation for you injuries and property damage.  Contact our office today to discuss your potential case.

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