DMV To Temporarily Close After Alleged Bedbug Infestation


Brian Dorman, News on 6

In response to claims of a bedbug infestation, the DMV inside Eastgate Metroplex is now closed for 3 days.

The property manager says the DMV will be treated Thursday morning for bedbugs. But those affected by this problem there say that’s not enough.

“This whole place needs to be shut down. It’s not an isolated incident,” said Cynthia Odom. “We utilize these places on a regular basis and then for management to hide it. Even when I tried to contact them no one called me. It was just like, oh well, that’s your problem.”

Those pictures, as well as pictures from another woman claiming she was bitten, is putting the heat on the Eastgate Metroplex even shutting down DPS. Eastgate Property Manager Dave Ortenburger says the situation’s isolated.

“This talk of infestation is sensationalizing the whole situation there is not an infestation. Nobody and I mean, nobody is immune to bedbugs,” said Ortenburger.

Since the story aired on News On 6 others who are employed at other Eastgate businesses have come forward saying in the past they’ve been told to stay quiet. Ortenburger denied that anyone was told not to report the issue.

Cynthia Odom says she has contacted a lawyer and is hoping others will join her as she considers legal action.

Alorica’s Corporate office also released a statement earlier today.

At this time, we do not have any reported incidents of a bed bug infestation. The bed bug incident in question was located in a common area for the public at one of the other businesses in the complex, a complex with 40 businesses and 10,000 employees. With more than 1,000 employees serving our business not only do we perform monthly treatments to mitigate incidents, we also have standard protocols in place in the case of an infestation. Bed bug treatments including K-9 inspection, steam cleaning and chemical treatments with follow-ups to confirm eradication to the area in question. In addition, the company gives two paid days off to employees that report a bed bug concern immediately or even one day after they first discover an issue. During their two days off, the company pays for a free home inspection by a pest control company, as well as paying for any pest extermination costs.

Alorica deeply cares about maintaining healthy and safe working conditions for our team members and we will continue to work closely with employees to ensure any future events are handled appropriately and promptly.

While we do not provide specific details or comments regarding our former or current employees, I would suggest fact checking data regarding end of employment—reason, timing, etc.

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