According to Experts: Most Public Buildings In Montreal Have A Bed Bug Problem

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According to Experts: Most Public Buildings In Montreal Have A Bed Bug Problem featured image

For some reason, bed bug infestations in Montreal are a common occurence. There’s even a public map that depicts all reported instances of bed bugs in the city.

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This week we learned that the widespread problem even extends to popular public institutions. The bed bug problem at Montreal’s largest public library, the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), has become so severe that library officials had to remove all cushioned furniture from the building. Some are even considering removing all upholstered pieces from the library.

Today, the Montreal Gazette first reported that, in fact, most public buildings in the city have had a beg bug problem.

Yes, tiny blood-sucking insects roam the halls of public Montreal institutions.

City officials have remained tight-lipped about just where and how often the city has to combat the creepy crawling creatures. Though, the Gazette also reports some city employees have received special training to prevent and deal with infestations. If the city is willing to invest that much time and money into such trainings, the problem must be huge.

Cases reported in libraries, hospitals, and universities received much public attention.

Montrealers who spot bed bugs in their homes or public buildings can file a report with the city. The Point-St-Charles Community Clinic warns that the most important thing Montreal residents can do is not try to deal with the situation themselves and instead call an exterminator.

In the meantime, avoid contact with anything plush the next time you visit a public building.

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