Bed bug infestation in Dublin hotel leaves tourists covered in horrific rashes and bites

The couple were spending a month in the Celtic Lodge on Talbot Street

By Aakanksha Surve

What is sharing your mattress?
Bed bug (Stock)

What was supposed to be an enjoyable summer holiday turned into a nightmare after two tourists discovered that their hotel room was teeming with bed bugs.

The couple, who are from Finland, were spending a month in the Celtic Lodge on Talbot Street, in Dublin.

They woke up to bites and rashes and were horrified to see bed bugs crawling all over the mattress, the Irish Independent reports.

The Celtic Lodge on Talbot Street (Image: Google Maps)

“I noticed something on my arms and my body but thought it was just an allergy.

“Then we saw insects moving and we thought they might have come from outside,” the tourist said.

The couple didn’t say anything at first, but they turned the mattress upside down and saw something moving on the bedclothes.

When they realised that they were bed bugs, they asked to me moved to another room.

The hotel moved them to another room and exterminators were called. The room and the couple’s luggage was sprayed but the bed bugs were still there when they moved back into the room.

Bed bugs can be hard to get rid of
Bed bugs can be hard to get rid of (Image: Internet Unknown)

In the end, they were moved three times before they left Dublin.

“We were always checking to see if we had any bites every morning,” the tourist said.

Other guests at the hotel were affected too.

“Then we saw there was a lovely family with a toddler at reception one day and the father was saying the word ‘bedbugs’.

“They said it was their wedding anniversary and they left in the middle of their holiday because they were so disappointed,” the tourist said.

The manager of the hotel said that it was an isolated incident and that the whole room was “gutted and refurbished, fixtures were removed” and had been treated by pest control.


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