Bedbug Problem At Owasso’s Macy’s Distribution Center, Employees Claim

Brian Dorman, News on 6

Workers at Owasso’s Macy’s Fulfillment Center say there’s a bedbug problem that started out small and is getting bigger.

There are concerns for the workers at the distribution center, but also claims that the bedbugs have the possibility of getting shipped out to homes all around the country.

“I’ve confronted management about it and was basically told to keep my mouth shut about it, not to cause panic,” said Macy’s employee Kathy Woodson.

Woodson has worked at the Owasso facility for two years. She admits she will likely get fired for speaking out, but says it’s worth it if something’s done. She says she’s tired of staying silent after nearly a dozen complaints.

“Asking them what we should do if we take them home with us, basically we’re on our own,” said Woodson. “Customers wouldn’t be able to pinpoint that they came from us, just to be hush about it.”

One employee who has worked there for three years and wanted to remain anonymous wrote, “The bugs just became a problem last year. People have found most bedbugs in the packing department and that’s where they pack customers’ orders and send them to shipping to be shipped out.”

Another employee wrote that “[i]t is absolutely a problem because I got them from work. I know the bugs have been spotted in prep, pack, and home dept.”

“Have seen them personally. They are in all departments and have been there for a while,” yet another employee said. “They’ve been taken to the managers and then the VP and still nothing.”

Andrea Schwartz, the Vice President of Media for Macy’s, said she has never heard about the problem at the Owasso distribution center.

Schwartz also said, “It’s a big company. I have the whole country. Again, it’s not my job to be aware of every building.”

“I think they’re just trying to cover up,” stated Woodson. “I would like for them to take care of the problem.”

The company did not confirm or deny the presence of bedbugs but did release a statement, which reads:

“Macy’s is committed to ensuring the safety of our merchandise and packaging for our customers and to maintaining a safe and sanitary working environment for our colleagues. We routinely inspect our distribution facilities and have ongoing preventative measures in place.

“Additionally, we work closely with our vendor partners to ensure the thousands of products coming through our facilities on daily basis meet our standards. If an issue is identified, we take swift action to address the situation.”

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