Pesticides Don’t Solve Bed Bug Problems…Kiltronx Does


The United States uses over one billion pounds of pesticides a year.

There’s evidence that even small doses of these affect our health.

Every day we’re exposed to hundreds of pesticides and other chemicals.

They’re in our food, air, water, environment and many personal use products.

And because of this, human assessments have found over two-hundred chemicals and 44 pesticides in our bodies.

And there’s plenty of proof showing pesticides are hazardous to our health.

Pregnant women may pass this chemical burden to their unborn children and through breast milk.

And to add insult to injury, adding indoor pesticides creates even greater risks in our households.

Aerosols are especially toxic in closed or small rooms.

If all these chemicals and pesticides are so safe and worked as well as they say on the label, why do they have to be applied so often?

Now Let’s Add Bed Bugs to the Mix

As bed bug populations increase, desperate people do desperate things.

Especially when professional bed bug exterminator cost is out of reach for them.

Most people don’t understand them but want to get rid of bed bugs fast.

They will reach for over the counter chemical products to kill bed bugs.

Because bed bugs can be resistant to theses, it results in increased pesticide misuse.

People saturate beds and couches with cans of pesticides and containers of alcohol.

The corners, floors and perimeters of rooms often have mounds of diatomaceous earth.

Children, seniors and pets are especially vulnerable to these environmental toxins.

Some may experience headaches, nausea, vomiting or dizziness.

This makes them think they have flu.

Many of these acute illnesses associated with these pesticides are never reported.

Many people don’t know about resistance issues.

Or that they are poisoning their environment.

The Kiltronx Solution

Our philosophy for bed bugs includes kill them when you have them, and be proactive in prevention.

Since bed bug infestation treatment options can be puzzling for most, we take the confusion out of it.

You never know when a bed bug can hitchhike a ride home on your clothing or an article.

And if you don’t notice it, it will wind up in your bed sooner or later.

Were all about protecting your family and preventing bed bug infestations.

Surround your box spring and mattress with Live Free Bed Bug Control.

Our sleep safe solution for bed bugs!

Bed bugs don’t have a chance to colonize, and will die within hours without toxic pesticides.

Watch our video on our Live Free Bed Bug Barrier Systems here

We provide what you need for a simple lifestyle change.

This keeps you and your family protected against future infestations.

Since bed bugs can show up anywhere and at any time…

We have a full line of prevention products that make your life worry-free.

You can find them here:














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