Dorchester County Public Library in Cambridge closes due to bed bugs

By Amy Lu

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Libraries across Delmarva closed Monday in honor of Columbus Day. But at least one library in Dorchester County is expecting to extend its closure as the staff there tries to get rid of bed bugs.

On Monday, the green doors of the Dorchester County Library in Cambridge stood locked as, one by one, cars pulled into the empty parking lot. People, like Kycel Cromwell, walked up to the green doors and were greeted with disappointment.

“I was shocked when I found out it was closed, so I just sat here,” Cromwell said. “It’s very disappointing.”

The locked doors left Cromwell with little choice but to sit it out on the library steps, making due with the free Wifi.

Library Director Frances Cresswell says the bed bugs were found last week. Exterminators were called in immediately.

“We are concerned about our public obviously,” Cresswell said.

But Cresswell says the initial round of extermination didn’t completely kill off the bugs.

“Sadly, after it was done, we always reinspect and there were still some individuals that we didn’t want so we closed again,” Cresswell said.

Cresswell says the library has had bed bugs before – that’s why they now have repellent inside library drop boxes and annual inspections.

Still some like Cromwell are iffy about coming back.

“I will probably stop coming now knowing there are bed bugs,” Cromwell.

But Cresswell says she and the rest of library staff don’t plan on opening any doors until every bed bug is gone.

“We want to emphasize that we care about our customers; that’s why we’re staying closed this long,” Cresswell said.

The County Library in Hurlock also tested positive for bed bugs last week. The exterminator was able to get rid of the bugs there and the library reopened last Friday.

Cresswell says the Cambridge branch should open by next Monday.

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