KiltronX Gives You Power and Control Over Bed Bugs

Since the onset of bedbugs in the late 90’s, we’ve come to understand that bedbug infestations are completely avoidable.

No, we’re not saying you won’t get them, because everyone is at risk.

What we are saying is, bedbugs don’t have to grow into infestations if you put a little prevention in place.

It starts with [1] learning risks and how to recognize the signs.

Once you know these things you can be proactive in prevention!

KiltronX is a company that thought this out and prepared a powerful, yet effective product line to end bedbugs before they can take hold.

Do-It-Yourself Isn’t as Hard as You Think

From what you read online, you’d think that bedbugs are impossible to deal with.

Well, it isn’t so if you know what you’re doing that is.

We give you power to control and make it easy and affordable.

Having a coordinated bedbug control system in place eliminates the worry of bed bugs taking over.

We know that pesticides are not the answer to bedbugs.

Most pesticides used today, are at best moderately effective at controlling these pests.

Sure, they may kill a bug if you drown it with spray, but most bedbugs “hide” where you can’t always see them.

And who wants their home saturated with toxic chemicals anyway?

Steps for KiltronX Do-it-Yourself Bed Bug Control

“if you already have an infestation”, determine the extent of your infestation.

We are here to put an end to bedbugs without breaking the bank.

Order our [2] KiltronX Live Free Bedbug Barrier Systems Emergency Response Kit and get to work.

You want to make sure you apply KiltronX products in all areas.

Most of the time bedbugs will be found in areas where they can access a meal, your bed.

But they are often found in coaches and easy chairs.

They don’t fly or jump so they need to crawl to your when you are resting for long periods of time.

Typically, an infestation will begin in one room and spread to other rooms of the home as people take items that may be infested from one room to another.

So be mindful of what you remove from the infested room so you don’t spread them further.

Also, if you live in a dwelling with shared walls you need to talk to your neighbors and coordinate a complete elimination protocol together.

Elimination Tips

Don’t go throwing away all your furniture!

It’s not necessary and most everything is treatable. (Unless it’s very old, has lots of rips, stains, tears and you wanted to replace it anyway).

If you choose to throw an item away, make sure to wrap it in plastic so nothing falls off during transport.  (You don’t want to spread them)

And don’t forget to mark it “Bed Bug Infested“, so it isn’t tempting for an unsuspected trash shopper.

And please, don’t donate infested items to your local thrift store!

If you do throw items away, remember don’t replace them until you know all the bedbugs are gone. (You wouldn’t want to re-infest your new furniture)

Bedbugs are normally located on the mattress and box spring piping and edges, but can also be on the headboard and frame if you have one.

The KiltronX Bedbug Control System is the first, and only one of its kind, complete bedbug solution that offers protection for the entire room.

Our product consists of non-woven textiles infuse with an organic compound called KiltreX Powder that actively kills bedbugs.


When a bed bug crawls across the protective barrier and comes in contact with KiltreX Powder, the powder works by pulling the moisture out the exoskeleton of the bug.

Similar usage in the organic farming industry, KiltreX Powder can be safely used around humans and pets.

First, apply Live Free Kilspray and KiltreX Powder to infect areas and allow to dry.

For best results, apply [3] KiltronX Mattress Wrap and Topper Sheet to your bed.  This creates a “barrier” to protect you and kill bedbugs.

Apply Leg Booties to the legs of your bed-frame and KilTape to headboard.

Note: Take furniture apart – remove drawers and cushions and inspect and treat every nook and cranny.  Pat attention to each welt, button and fold in upholstered furniture.

You man wish to discard low-value, stuffed furniture that is infested and too difficult to treat,  After spraying, return each article of furniture to the part of the room that have been treated.  Do not reintroduce any furniture of other items to the treated room until they have been thoroughly clean, inspected or treated.

Economical with Guarantee!

All our product can be found on our websiteAmazon, Walmart for under $100.

KiltronX products work 24/7/365 and helps control bed bugs – Guaranteed for up to two years!

No other product gives you the peace of mind and guarantee that KiltronX does.

Buy yours today!




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