Yonkers YMCA sued over bedbugs


Bedbugs have pestered us for centuries. These begbug fossils were recently recovered from Paisley Caves, Oregon, the site of the oldest dated archaeological human remains in North America, and are approximately 9,400 years old. Bedbugs nearly vanished in the United States during the 1940s and ’50s due to improved hygiene and the use of the pesticide DDT but are on the rise again due to global travel and a increasing resistance to common pesticides.A new study finds that bedbugs — just like flies and other insects — have favorite colors. They really like dark red and black, and they shun dazzling white and bright yellow. These apple seed-sized insects probably instinctively prefer black and red shelters over white and yellow ones because they offer better protection from predators such as ants and spiders, Pereira said. Wochit


YONKERS – A former resident at the YMCA is suing the agency because he had bedbugs in his room.

In a lawsuit filed in state Supreme Court, Daniel Merlo claims that he lived at the Y at 17 Riverdale Ave. from Jan. 30 until May 1 and, during that time, suffered from bedbug bites in his fourth-floor apartment.

According to Merlo’s Dec. 10 court papers, when he told staff at the YMCA about the bedbugs, an exterminator responded on several occasions. However, Merlo accused the exterminators of failing to do a proper job, leading to recurring bedbug outbreaks.

Merlo claimed that he was subsequently forced to remove and destroy all his possessions. He is asking the court to award him unspecified monetary damages.

On Thursday, Shawyn Patterson-Howard, the Yonkers Y’s executive director, said she had not seen the lawsuit. She said the 75-unit building is exterminated twice a month.

“We don’t have any type of infestation at all,” she said. “Have we had people who’ve had bedbugs? Yes, like any other organization.”

She explained that the Y has a protocol for new residents to prevent bedbugs hitching rides into the building. The protocol includes requiring new tenants to put their clothes and bedding through a dryer so that the high heat kills bedbugs and their eggs.

Other anti-bedbug precautions include mandatory exterminations of every apartment, metal bed frames and a ban on new tenants bringing their own mattresses into the Y. If bedbugs are discovered in a resident’s room, tenants are allowed to use the Y’s washing machines and dryers for free.

Patterson-Howard said past outbreaks in the residences above the Y’s fitness and public areas have not affected visitors.

“I go to work every day and I haven’t come home with any. I haven’t had members complain of anything,” she said. “We have child care and all types of programs there. No issues and no problems.”

While Merlo alleged that he lived at the YMCA for about three months, Patterson-Howard said that most of the residents have lived in the affordable housing for more than a year and some for more than 25 years.

About 65 percent of the male residents are employed, with another 25 percent retired or disabled, she said.

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