Sundance filmmaker attacked by bedbugs in Hell’s Kitchen apartment: suit

She Sundanced with bedbugs.

As documentarian Kyoko Miyake readied for the storied Utah film fest, she and her husband were under attack by NYC’s most hated denizens, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

Miyake and her spouse Felix Matschke accuse their Hell’s Kitchen landlord and Knockout Pest Control of failing to stop “a dangerous, serious, and recurring bedbug infestation” in 2016 and 2017 that left them with “numerous bed bug bites all over their bodies” and forced them to destroy “all of [their] personal property.”

“They were visible on her. She had pretty bad bites,” their lawyer, Dimitrios Kourouklis, told The Post.

Still, Miyake managed to submit her film “Tokyo Idols,” about young Japanese pop singers, to Sundance’s documentary competition in 2017.

In 2014, she won a prestigious Peabody Award. Matschke was one of the producers for both movies.

Tri-Star Equities didn’t return a request for comment about the allegations at 705 Ninth Ave., where a studio goes for about $2,000 a month.

Knockout’s owner, Arthur Katz, said his company’s protocol is to service a home over multiple visits, but in Miyake’s case, “the tenant did not permit us to complete protocol.

“Once we finished the last service, we never received to date a complaint,” he added.

Katz said all the technicians who serviced Miyake’s home are state-certified.

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